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The Technical University in Zvolen with its research activities covers the whole chain of FOREST - WOOD - PRODUCT- ENVIRONMENT in all its diversity, including liquidation of products after the time of their serviceability. At the same time it pays attention to ecological impacts upon nature and landscape protection as well as the technical provision of these spheres. Main research and development activities are based at workplaces of faculties and in this time are focused on following areas:
Silviculture, ecology, forest constructions and ameliorations, forest protection and game management, phytology, genetics, structure and properties of wood and wood-based materials, products of native wood, wood constructions, interaction of wood with other substances, rationalisation of energy consumption, problems of protection against fire, biota, biodiversity and their monitoring, ecological principles of creating and protection of nature and using landscape, monitoring quality of the environment, ecologisation of processes and production, economical use of wastes, philosophical and social aspects of relations of human being - nature - society, development of machines, assessing quality of forestry and wood-processing machines, making use of new energy sources, biomass...

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