Arboretum Borova hora is one of the unique facilities with a professional focus on the original dendroflora of Slovakia. It´s a research and development workplace of the Technical University in Zvolen. The collections are intended for educational, scientific and research work with accent on forestry dendrology. There are collected the tree species which are originally grews in natural forests of Slovakia. The most important role of arboretum is finding of significant populations and rare forms of trees in Slovakia. These species are reproduced generatively and vegetatively and are stored in the archive as a valuable gene pool.
Arboretum Borova hora was declared as a Protected Area in the 1981 and this was confirmed by the significance of the value of its collections. These activities were carried out for the greater protection of collections of trees-woodyplants, conservation of cultural heritage of values collected collections, but also for reasons of science, research and education.
Arboretum Borova hora was established 30th March in the year 1965. Arboretum area is 47,84 hectares. It is 3 km north of the city center of Zvolen. Arboretum is located on the southwestern of Zvolen highlands in the geomorphological unit of the Zvolen basin and Hron river basin. The height difference of the areas is from 297 m a.s.l. to 377 m a.s.l. Slope ranges is from 3% to 81%.The average slope is about 50%.

The collection of the Arboretum can be divided into three parts: the collection of tree species, the collection of roses and the collection of cacti. At present all of them fit well into the overall purpose of the Arboretum - the rescue and preservation of gene pools.

Collection of tree species
The main, most important and most valuable collection is that of tree species. The primary purpose of the arboretum is collection of the indigenous tree species in their morphological and ecological variability. With regard to significantly deteriorating conditions of the environment, the collection of tree species in the arboretum is receiving greater importance. It contributes significantly to gene pool rescue and preservation of the indigenous dendroflora.
In rescuing the gene pool, the main attention is devoted to the endangered taxa. The effort of the arboretum is aimed at saving the maximum possible variation of our tree species which include interesting populations of protected and endangered species, together with other indigenous tree species, plus the preservation of various morphological deviations.
At present the collection of tree species in the Arboretum consists of nearly 1800 taxa.

Collection of Roses
The collection of roses in the Borova Hora Arboretum contains a wide range of the most important varieties on the territory of Slovakia . It was established in 1965 simultaneously with a collection of the tree species.
The collection of roses in the Borova Hora Arboretum represents an extremely valuable base for further breeding. Many of the older varieties, mainly the garden roses of Rudolf Geschwind, are resistant to unfavourable conditions of the environment. These are the roses which deserve even a greater attention than the recent varieties. They could be suitably utilized in creation of the aesthetically pleasing environment.
At the present the collection of the arboretum encompasses over 800 varieties of roses, out of which 389 are varieties of bed roses, 254 are varieties of garden roses, 88 are varieties of trailing roses, 8 groundcover and about 111 are varieties of miniature roses.

Collection of Cacti
With regard to a special orientation of the tree species collection, the collection of the cacti was arranged in such a way as to point out the variability of individual species and groups of species. At the beginning, it featured only a general character, later, however, it became specialized in cacti from Mexico and the USA encompassing mainly the genera Mammillaria und Echinocereus.
At present, the collection is represented by nearly 121 genera with over 700 taxa.

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Educational work
One of the principal aims of the arboretum is the educational activity aimed mainly at the forest dendrology. Students of the Faculty of Forestry and the Faculty of Ecology and Environmental Sciences of the Technical University make use of the collections in the course of their study programmes as well as within the practical training. It goes without saying that the collections and the total area are being utilized for training and experimental work by some other special departments of the Technical University providing the instruction of other special subjects.
Scientific and research work
The scientific and research work is aimed mainly at the investigation of variability of the indigenous tree species. With regard to the fact that the Forestry Research Institute in Zvolen is aimed at the main economically important tree species, the investigation of the arboretum has been orientated towards the other tree species. In addition, the problem of utilising the accumulated tree species collection has been solved.
Cultural and educational activities
Within the cultural and educational activities, the Borova Hora Arboretum of the Technical University is aimed at special-interest activities for the general public. The arboretum has been made accessible to the groups of visitors or to individual visitors offering a special guidance to them.
The technical staff provides professional consulting activities to the public concerning the greenery growing in gardens and houses.



Assoc. Prof. Ivan LUKÁČIK, CSc.

Additional staff:

Ing. Ivana SARVAŠOVÁ, PhD., head of the Gene Pool department,

Ing. Vladimír JEŽOVIČ, worker of the department of roses care,

Ing. Erika KRALIČOVÁ, operation manager,,

Ing. Katarína BUGALOVÁ, head of the Nurseries,

Mrs. Jana RESUTÍKOVÁ, office worker,

Ing. Mariana JAKUBISOVÁ, PhD., researcher and project manager,


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