International cooperation


International Cooperation and Foreign Relations of The Technical University in Zvolen

The Technical university in Zvolen (TUZVO) is cooperating with many several European universities on the base of bilateral, or multirateral contracts on mutual cooperation, then it supervised 6th theme priority of The 6th Framework Programme of The EU.  TUZVO is involved in some European projects and international programmes - above all Erasmus+ . The TUZVO employees kept working in the international non-governmental organizations and European associations.

Internationalisation of education as well as further education and research is realised at The TUZVO by means of:

  • bilateral (or multilateral) contracts with partners universities
  • international programmes
  • study of foriegn students at The TUZVO
  • teaching in a foreign languages by foriegn teachers at The TUZVO

The Technical university in Zvolen is actively involved in these international  programmes:



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