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Department for the International Relations of The Technical University in Zvolen
Vice-rector for International Cooperation International Cooperation and Foreign Relations Officer
Assoc. prof. Ing. Branislav Olah, PhD. Erasmus Institutional Coordinator
Tel.: +421-45-5206 506 Ing. Mariana KRIVOŠÍKOVÁ
Fax: +421-45-5330 027 Tel.: +421-45-5206 108
E-mail: olah (at) Fax: +421-45-5330 027
E-mail: krivosikova (at)

LLP ERASMUS - Incoming students

Application deadlines:
► Autumn term (September - December) - end of May
► Spring Term (February - May) - end of November

The application process begins when the Technical University in Zvolen receives nomination e-mails from partner universities. In other words, study abroad coordinators send an e-mail to the Erasmus Institutional Coordinator ( ) in which they announce their candidates for student exchange.
Nomination schould include:
1. Students complete name
2. Date of birth
3. Gender
4. E - mail address
5. Duration of exchange (Autumn term, Spring term, or full academic year)
6. Faculty / Study programme choice

Autumn term 2014/2015
Course period       12 weeks 22. 09. 2014 - 12. 12. 2014
Examination period         1  week 15. 12. 2014 - 19. 12. 2014
Christmas holidays 23. 12. 2014 - 03. 01. 2015
Examination period         5 weeks 05. 01. 2015 - 06. 02. 2015
Spring term 2014/2015
Course period        13 weeks 09. 02. 2015 - 07. 05. 2015
Examination period          6 weeks 11. 05. 2015 - 19. 06. 2015


  •  Learning Agreement - standard form for Erasmus+

Language requirements:
Please note that the general language of Institution is Slovak. Textbooks, lectures and exams can be provided in English/German. English /German level B2 is required.
Study at the Technical University in Zvolen for foreign students includes also the Course of the Slovak Language providing students with basic knowledge and skills needed for communication in everyday situations. Apart from the basic knowledge of the Slovak Language, students also obtain information on culture and history of the country.
The course is organised by the Institute of Foreign Languages at the Technical University in Zvolen. After finishing, the students receive the certificate of completion of the course. It concerns mostly the levels of A1,A2 a B1 by the CEFR.



Since the Slovak Republic is a full member of the European Union, international students coming from EU countries do not need visa.
Students from non-EU countries will need a visa for arranging a stay and entry to Slovak Republic.
Information about visa policy in Slovak republic can be obtained from the Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs of the Slovak Republic.
The IOM Migration Information Centre provides third country nationals with free counselling and services.Objective of the MIC is to provide migrants help, counselling and essential information facilitating their integration in the work and social life in Slovakia: 


The foreign students are recommended to travel with valid insurance covering the full length of their stay. They should purchase third party liability insurance, accident insurance and health insurance. EU citizens having European Health Insurance Card are eligible for free health service.


The technical University provides accommodation in dormitories where Erasmus students live together with other students. All Erasmus students live at accommodation facility BARINY, Študentská 17, 960 01 Zvolen. There are two/three bed rooms with bathroom. The kitchen is shared by students living on the floor.


Meals for students are served in the student´s canteen in BARINY. The students canteen operates on the basis of the information system which enables automatic ordering and taking meals through a smart card.
Catering services are provided:
  ► Monday – Thursday: from 7, 00 a.m. to 7, 30 p.m.
  ► Fridays: from 7, 00 a.m. to 5, 00 p.m.






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