Centre for Continuing Education, the workplace of the Technical University in Zvolen, focuses on the development and support of education and offers further education  to the citizens of the SR

The Centre for Continuing Education

"You can teach a student a lesson for a  day, but if you can teach him to learn by creating curiosity, he will continue the learning process as long as he lives" 

Clay P. Bedford

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Abbreviated as CĎV in Slovak or CCE in English - our Centre is ready to offer you full set of services in the field of continual and lifelong education of adults. Please feel free to click through our information sources, and if you find something missing, do not hesitate to contact us either in digital manner or meet with us face to face to look for solution which satisfies you.

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Your CCE (CĎV) team 


Centre for Continuing Education (hereafter CCE), the workplace of the Technical University in Zvolen (hereafter TUZVO), focuses on the development and support of education and offers further education and courses to the citizens of the SR in compliance with the Law no. 386/1997 Coll. and further amendments, together with the TUZVO faculties and according to their specialisation. It was established in June 2004 as the TUZVO organisational part with the aim to continue in successful activities of the former Local Centre of Distance Education (LCDE), which became an organizational part of the Faculty of Wood Sciences and Technology of the TUZVO.

Main tasks:

  • organisation of courses and trainings
  • development and coordination of national and international projects of continual and lifelong education
  • preparation, management and distribution of study materials
  • consultancy in the area of continual and lifelong education

CCE is an active member of:

SAACV - Slovak Academic Association for Lifelong Learning, including membership in EUCEN - the European Associacion in University Lifelong Learning (

AIVD - the Association of Adult Education Institutions (, including membership in European Association for Education of Adults (

ASUTV - Association of Univesities of the Third Age in Slovakia (, including membership AIUTA Association Internationale des Universités du Troisième Age (



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